If I see one more WC…

So it continues! The great flat hunt round Basel picked up pace yesterday when I visted two potential properties! Verena, the secretary at work here has been amazing with her help and phone calling. She has taken it upon herself to find Eva and I the perfect flat! She has searched newspapers and the internet. She’s asked round and phoned people. She has arranged the last three viewings and two more early next week. She even came in on her day off to tell me about some furniture a guy had that I might be interested in!! I am entirely indebted to her efforts.

So properties three and four yesterday were not what I’d expected at all. Ticked all the right boxes on paper but were disappointing in reality. I’m not going to post pictures but needless to say I won’t regret not going for them. The first had its entrance on the forecourt of a car dealership?

Thats the entrance on the right? Very strange arrangement as the dealership offices were right there as well?

I wouldn’t live in a car forecourt. Unless it was an Aston Martin forecourt. Then I’d have no problem. Heck, I’d live in the toilet of an Aston Martin dealership. Come to think of it, I’d actually pay to live in an Aston Martin dealership! But thats another story for another day.

The fourth property I’ve seen on my way round was very dark. One bedroom had its ceiling painted brown?? But there was a lot of dark wood and not much daylight getting in. I had a bad feeling about it. So those two have been scrapped. Next week I’ll pound the pavements again in search of the perfect place! There’s so much to choose from here its great. But too much choice is also a problem.


2 responses to “If I see one more WC…

  1. I think I know exactly where that car dealership is. Mrs. TBF’s temporary apartment when she moved to Basel six years ago was really close by.

  2. Hi Barry, great blog! There is nothing worse than looking for an apartment it takes so much time! Good luck with the search!

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