Go on the mighty Ros…

What a day,

I’ve left the pub cross-eyed and with a mild case of whiplash from trying to watch two tellys at once. The big one today was the All Ireland Football Championships. Mayo, the underdogs, took on Kerry in the main event. But I got to the pub in time to watch the minor (under 21 years of age, I think?) game between Roscommon and Kerry. I generally never watch the minor games but this one was a cracker. The “mighty Ros” went in at half time a few points down but came back doggedly to square the match and force a replay. A great game.

At this point I want to state that my allegiance for Roscommon is tenuous at best. Mary, my favorite aunt (in case she’s reading, hi Mary!), is from Roscommon and so, as I have no connection with Kerry I went for the Ros. And it paid off. It had nothing to do with fitting in with the majority of Roscommon fans in the pub and valuing all my limbs and bodily functions! But it did help!

So in the main game Kerry won deservedly but the match was a high scoring one with seven goals and umpteen points scored. A disappointing game in general it was a bit of a cake-walk for Kerry in the second half. But while keeping one eye on that match I was also able to take in Man Utd. versus Arsenal and Chelsea vs. Liverpool. Two excellent games which kept me entertained and forced me into that third pint which I didn’t want.

In between all this I met a guy at the bar called Andy. Andy, originally from Scotland, but who’s lived in Loughborough and now works in Mumbai for DHL was over on business. He’d just got off the plane after a seven hour flight and as the taxi pulled up to his hotel he noticed the Irish pub next door. He dropped his bags in the room and came straight down to watch the games. Now there’s commitment!

He also gave me his business card with the immortal line; “If you ever find youself in Mumbai, call in on us and we’ll put you up for the night!” Its amazing who you meet at the pub! Thanks Andy for the company!


One response to “Go on the mighty Ros…

  1. Watching two tvs is a tradition. When there’s a sporting clash put two tvs beside each other and get out the beers. Would have to be more than just a normal game though. Maybe FA Cup final and something else!

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