Heeeeeerrrres Johnnnnnnnny…

I like a good bandwagon,

I’m a stickler for jumping on them but usually only when they’re for a good cause. I bought a Make Poverty History white rubber bracelet thing for instance. But the latest venture is nowhere as needy, necessary or recommended.

Its the “Get Johnny Logan to No.1″ campaign recently launched by Blogorrah amid a very small flurry of publicity. Hence the button on the right.

For those of you who aren’t Irish, are not aware of the period of Irish dominance in the Eurovision song contest about ten years ago or who just don’t know who Johnny Logan is then read on. For the unlucky ones who have had to deal with Johnny in the past, you can skip to the last paragraph.

So, Johnny Logan in three easy steps…

1. Johnny must be in his fifties by now and for a golden period in the late eighties I suppose, he was the darling of every housewife and granny in Ireland. He was an edgier Daniel O’Donnell.

2. Johnny either wrote or sung the winning Irish song in the Eurovision for what seems like forever. We’re talking the Lance Armstrong of the Eurovision. The boy could do no wrong. I’m still mentally scarred with images of him in a white tuxedo singing some awful song (Hold Me Now) and then winning the bloody contest!

3. Johnny, in a bid to restart/resurrect the career has teamed up with some guy called Kaye Styles (God help him) to produce a rap album. And this is where I, and you dear reader, come in. There is now a concerted effort (so far me and the guys at Blogorrah!) to get this to the top of the charts in Ireland.

Johnnys the awkward looking white guy in the trilby hat on the right. He’s a legend.

Now at this stage you may be wondering why on earth I’d want to do this. The simple reason is this. I’m no longer in Ireland!!. I won’t have to endure the torture. So good on you Johnny, hope it works out. I’m right behind you me old mucker. About 1500 miles behind you.

So, quick update on the Swiss situation. Saw three flats today all of which were nice but one stood out. More about them tomorrow. Got my B Permit today which allows me to work and live here. I now have “my papers”! I’ve also inherited a fold-out bed from a Spanish post-doc who’s leaving the departement. Should come in handy somewhere. So thats it folks, back to proper blogging tomorrow!!

PS. Its “Official Talk Like a Pirate Day“. Avast ya landlubbin’ bilge rats!! Arrr.


2 responses to “Heeeeeerrrres Johnnnnnnnny…

  1. well shiver me timbers…’Hold me now’ was a classic of its time…and johnny was such a hunk!

    If this succeeds remind me not to turn on the radio for a while! I suppose can’t be as bad as ‘what colour is the wind daddy’. Start that campaign and there could be trouble 😉

  2. arrrrggggghhhh in a complete piratey fashion!!!

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