Absolutely cream-crackered…

I didn’t post yesterday,

I didn’t have the energy, the patience, the will to type anything resembling a post! It was a long day punctuated by three appartment viewings and lab work. But on the bright side I’m alive, the weather has picked up again (I’d like to believe that was due to my post two days ago) and I have given up on the Johnny Logan campaign!!

So onto matters at hand. I’ve been viewing apartments for a while now and have seen a good selection. But I’ve realised that I’m not looking at what I want but rather what I’m interested in. There are major differences between the two.

What I want is easy, a place with three rooms and a balcony, thats generally nice! Very plain and simple needs! What I have been looking at are things either side of that, which “looked good” on the website. For instance, there are places like this and then there are places like this, but they don’t fit into the plan. Not necessarily what I needed but still worth having a look. I’ve been investing too much time in this and have knuckled down to finding what I need.

So the search goes on but the options have been narrowed. While trawling through these online ads, I’ve come across some great photos. There are the obligatory photos of the bathroom which seem to be with every flat and often are the only pictures. I’ve also added a selection below. Let me know if you find them in any way informative or worthwhile?

This is a fence which I think is round the back of the flat? Not sure though.

This is a parasol stand on some gravel. Not sure if the stand, or the gravel for that matter is included with this apartment.

I think this is meant to show they have fancy windows? Or windows that open? Or is it a postbox? Cat flap maybe?

So its not just the walking to these places that tires you. Its the sifting through stuff like this that takes time. Anyway, I have another viewing tomorrow and I’m in the process of arranging some for the weekend and next week. I know my perfect flat is there somewhere!

Good luck to the European guys and especially the Irish guys in the Ryder Cup this weekend. I expect everyone to be supporting them! I’ll be watching it in a pub somewhere. Might be time to crack out my Irish jersey. Is Basel ready for that yet?


One response to “Absolutely cream-crackered…

  1. I remember how tedious it was searching for a flat here and how the flats all seemed to merge into one after a while.

    Good luck Barry fingers crossed you find one soon!

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