You mean real golf..?

When I came to Basel for my interview I met Szymon, a Phd student from the lab. He kindly met me off the bus and took me for dinner. He was very helpful with questions about the lab, Basel and Switzerland in general, even though he’s Polish by origin. We got round to talking about sport:

Szymon: So its pretty lively here and of course we’ve got some good sport facilities. Do you play any sports?

Me: Yeah, I played some basketball in Sheffield and really got into playing squash. Are they popular here?

Szymon: Sure, I know people who play basketball and a few girls who play netball. You’d have no problem finding people for that or squash. The University is good like that.

Me: Cool and what about golf?

Strong silence followed by a smile and a look of disbelief.

Szymon: What? Do you mean real golf?

Me: Yeah real golf, like out on a course?

Szymon: Oh no, only rich people play golf here!! Do you really play golf. I play it as well, on my new mobile phone. But not real golf?

I was reminded of this today when I was watching the Ryder Cup. What a great game of golf and a fantastic event to watch. I have to admit to being a little biased in this opinion as it is being held in Ireland this year and there are three Irish players in the European team.

Darren Clarke after chipping in to win the match. For a man who lost his wife to cancer a month ago, this was a magnificent deisplay.

I was proud as punch when Darren Clarke holed his chip on the final hole and even though Padraig and Paul couldn’t win the final match I was still pretty happy with the outcome. Roll on tomorrow!!


2 responses to “You mean real golf..?

  1. They also play tennis in Basle.
    I understand there is quite a good young player called Roger from Basle who is always on the look out for someone to give him some competition!

  2. I’ve heard of this Roger guy. He’s meant to be nifty round the court! Must see if he’s round for a game. I fancy a good work out!

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