Just one more, they’re only small…

Busy weekend,

Friday was interesting. Jose Marie (or JM, as he’s known in the deptartment), a Spanish post-Doc came to me to ask for help. He was moving back to Madrid and I had arranged to relieve him of some of his furniture! But he needed help getting the furniture in the van and back to the storage here at the deptartment. So myself, Pascal and another guy called Alex helped lug the stuff into the van. This morning I came in and found a box of Lindt Lindor white chocolates in my pigeon hole along with a note from JM thanking me for my help. Not only did I get some great furniture, I also got the best chocolates in the world! Top man JM! They lasted about thirty minutes today, although I did give one to everybody in the lab!

Saturday was spent watching the golf and getting some work done. The Ryder Cup has been reported on heavily in all possible media so I won’t bore you with more analysis and opinion. Needless to say, it made great viewing and I met a few new people who were cheering for Europe.

Just as an aside, I get the feeling here that even though, geographically Switzerland is European, the Swiss consider themselves different. Maybe due to not being in the EU or something. I’m still trying to figure this out. I’m sure it’ll be a post some day!

Then on Sunday it was more of the same. Into work in the morning then off to the pub to meet Eddie. Eddie got in touch with me through this very blog, originally from Sheffield and now working and living in Lausanne he made his way up here for the day and for a pint. I enjoyed having the company and having someone to chat to without feeling guilty about not speaking their language. It made a huge difference, so thanks Eddie. And sorry for the abrupt end to the evening!

Back to the grindstone today but there are only four days until Eva arrives! Still hasn’t sunk in yet that she’s on her way. I’m still expecting it to happen at Christmas. But this is much better. Now if it would only stop raining…


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