You can’t beat a good widget…

Two things have made my life a lot easier here,

And both of them are on my old trusty iBook. My laptop is essentially another limb to me. I use it a lot in work obviously but without a TV at the moment and english papers costing three times what they are at home, its my window on the world and a way to keep up to date with things.

But it has an added bonus. It can calculate currency conversions and it can translate German! Which, as you can imagine has come in pretty handy here. Two little programmes called “widgets” perform these miraculous tasks for me on an application called Dashboard. I won’t go off on one of my “Apple is the pups nuts” rants but never the less, these little applications have been a God send!

The converter on top is simple yet very handy. The translator works well and has helped me with all the German emails I’ve been getting about important things like contracts and German football players. Just hope its working right!

On an even better note, I’ve arranged to go for a pint with The Big Finn tomorrow evening. He’s big and Finnish, as the name suggests, so I think I’m going to have my work cut out keeping up with him. But it’ll be good to finally meet the man behind the blog!


4 responses to “You can’t beat a good widget…

  1. I’m jealous you get to go drinking with TBF. I want to meet all you folks behind the Basel blogs!

  2. hey barry – came here via TBF’s blog… Imagine that, too mac owners meeting up in basel.. Thanks for pointing out this useful stuff here. As a fellow mac user, I don’t use some of the stuff enough…

    Will have to check it out soon!

  3. Hey…that’s me!

  4. Thanks for the Mac hints Barry! I’ll finally have broadband at home on Monday! Diane

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