Tomato tinted glasses…

Eva arrives on Friday,

Which is great. The last four weeks have reminded me of those halcyon days I spent in college. Moving to a new city, meeting my new colleagues, living on my own and fending for myself! Also a few pints along the way! But as Eva and I will hopefully have our new place soon and the world will be a better place in general I decided last night to cook one of my favourite student meals. I have been known to dabble in the dark art of “cooking” with marginal success but last night I went for the old favourite.

I don’t have an oven in my “kitchroom” and so, frozen pizza, a staple diet of mine during college was out of the question. Although I did toy with the idea of stuffing one in a saucepan but thought better of it. I settled for “spag bol” and set about getting the relevant ingredients.

Ladies and gents, this is how to make “spag bol” a la Irishman.

1. Assemble the necessary ingredients. Minced beef is first, lots of minced beef. Next up was a bag of bolognaise sauce and a tin of tomatoes. Bag of rice for the carbs and as I was feeling healthy I decided to include vegetables (usually an optional extra to the minced beef).

From left to right: garlic, an onion and a yellow pepper, just in case there’s confusion!

2. Chop the veg on a blue plastic plate because you don’t have a chopping board. Fry the veg until slightly burnt becuase you were reading your book and snacking on crisps in the bedroom.

3. Remove veg to the blue plastic plate and put meat into the frying pan. Cook until browned. Add the veg back in and mix round with a metal spoon, careful not to scrape the non-stick coating off the pan.

4. Attempt to open the bag of bolognaise sauce. Give up with a feeble wheeze and take the knife to the bag. Spray sauce all over your t-shirt, the fridge and the wall.

My t-shirt and my belly. Don’t worry folks, the stain came out and no bellys were hurt in the making of this spag bol.

5. Ignore the fact your “kitchroom” looks like a slaughterhouse and empty the remaining sauce along with the tin of tomatoes into the pan. Mix around and boil to death. Also boil rice in water.

The masterpiece in one. At this stage I was so hungry I had contemplated licking the sauce off the wall, but decided against that and hung on.

6. Combine rice and meat mixture on the blue plastic plate. Sprinkle a few cherry tomatoes on in a vain attempt to “jazz” it up a little and then eat too quickly and go to bed satisfied.


3 responses to “Tomato tinted glasses…

  1. This is probably a stupid question but how can it be spag bol with rice?!!

    Looks nice though 😎

  2. Hadn’t thought of that one really. Should be “rice bol” I suppose? Damn, I knew I’d forgotten something!!

  3. now that’s looking like a great meal… really it does looks super yummy.

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