The week that was…


I’ve scrapped the 24 theme. It was too much effort writing all the “bahbums” down. But I promised I’d fill you in on the week that was. So here goes.

Eva stayed with me in the hostel over the weekend because I hadn’t managed to find us a place. But on Monday she moved out and moved in with Simone, a girl in her lab (thanks Simone). On Monday evening Simone and Eva invited me over for dinner and we ended up having a great time, discussing all things Swiss, having a great plate of pasta and salad. Very nice. But we realised that Eva was going to be sleeping on her mat and sleeping bag.

So Tuesday I picked up one of the matresses I inherited from JM and headed back to Simones. This time Eva cooked dinner for us. Tuesday was a big day for two reasons. Its the first time I carried a mattress onto a tram. More importantly its the first time I had a conversation in German. It went something like this:

Me: Sitting at a tram stop shivering because I didn’t take a jacket, trying not to make eye contact with the guy sitting on the bench.
Guy on the bench (gotb): “german german german, ha ha ha.”
Me: Thinking on my feet I figured out he was saying it was cold so I replied “ya” in my best German accent.
GOTB: “german german german, pause, german german, shrug.
Me: Again, quick as lightening, I reckoned he was saying that winter was starting so I said “nein” in an optimistic tone
GOTB: “german, finger pointing to the sky, german german
Me: Completely stumped, I shrugged, smiled awkwardly and thanked the Gods that my tram had arrived.

Still though, small steps and all that. So Wednesday our boxes arrived at work. Eva did a great job fitting the rest of our “stuff” into boxes and they seem to have arrived in one piece. We loaded the trolley at work and pushed and hauled the boxes up to the hostel. My little room is now crowded but that doesn’t matter because:

We’ve found an apartment!!
On Wednesday evening we found one we’re very happy with and today we were told we can have it on the 15th of this month. Its all good! More about it next week.

Thursday was just a day for crashing as I had planned a little too much work for this week and I had run out of energy at this point. Hauling boxes and viewing apartments also took its toll. So Thursday night after work I went home and slept. Lots.

Today has been great, knowing we have a place has taken a lot of the pressure off. Also one of my experiments worked which is great and I’m looking forward to a weekend with Eva. Although I did hear a suggestion about a visit to IKEA…If I don’t post again you’ll know what happened…


4 responses to “The week that was…

  1. Congrats on mastering that endlessly useful skill, pretending to understand a foreign language. It will come in very handy. Actually the skill can even be used for conversations in English when you just don’t feel like listening to the other person… Just get the nods, shrugs, and laughs right, and you’re golden.

  2. Congrats on the new apartment. When you’re all settled in, drop me a line and we’ll all get together!

  3. Glad you found an apartment – I think we all knew that would happen when Eva arrived – we don’t blame you for not wanting to choose before!!

  4. Is that the Basel Youth hostel you’re staying at? How is it? I’m just curious, trying to figure out the most economical way to stay for a couple weeks in Basel while hunting for an apartment.

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