Monday morning blues…?

Fear no more!

This is the perfect remedy. A clip from the Terry Wogan breakfast show on BBC radio 2. His regular traffic reporter John Marsh (aka Boggy) gets a fit of the giggles while trying to report.

If this doesn’t get you laughing, nothing will!


2 responses to “Monday morning blues…?

  1. Hey guys,

    I’m still giggling at the Wogan out take!!!

    Glad to hear that Eva has arrived safely and that you are enjoying Swiss culture to the max.

    Not much going on here; just the usual. However, Sarah, Fi and myself are going to Glencoe at the weekend to bag some Munros, hope the weather holds out.

    Take care

    p.s do you think ‘tax dodgers’ qualify for that exculsive car if they prove to be especially good at it? and I really I’m struggling to imagine the Pope driving about Rome in that car!

  2. Here’s the link to the Fly Rail information…

    Hope that make life a little easier.


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