Sport…schmort…who needs it?

I like to be active,

And like all good intentions I had planned to come to Basel, find a squash club, a golf club, some running partners and get moving. Six weeks have passed and I have achieved none of the above. That’s not strictly true, I have found a squash partner via a message board on the University website and I’ll go running with Eva. But sport has been thin on the ground since I arrived.

Exercise however has been plentiful. Walking the city (until I figured out the trams), lifting beds and boxes up stairs and even work have all ensured I keep my “racing snake” physique (no giggling in the back, please!). Yesterday it went up a step.

We arranged to meet Monica, our estate agent, to sign the contract for the flat and get the keys so we could move into the apartment over the weekend. So in the morning I went and organised our personal liability insurance with an agent called Jost. Trying not to stray into stereotypes again, Jost came across as the quintessential insurance saleman. He led me to an office down a very long grey corridor to sit at an empty desk in an empty office apart from a faded picture on the wall to discuss our policy. Anyway it worked out fine.

We needed this insurance so we could get our contract for the flat. Once that was sorted I went to work for a few hours and arranged to meet Eva at 2. We had to get the deposit. This was problematic. In a major way. Of course in hindsight we should have sorted this last week but left it till the last minute. Trying to extract money from Scottish, Dutch and Swiss bank accounts half an hour before signing is not for the faint hearted. Thanks to some quick thinking by Eva we got the cash together and headed to the office.

Monica kindly translated the contract for us, we signed our lives away and got the keys. I’ll explain some of the terms and conditions in our contract later. Some very funny and quirky stuff in there. So technically we moved in yesterday!! But in a fit of madness we decided since there was no point going back to work we headed to IKEA and spent an awful lot of Swiss Francs on lots of cool stuff. I never need to exercise again after yesterday. More about IKEA soon…

By the way, this all happened on Friday the 13th??


2 responses to “Sport…schmort…who needs it?

  1. Ahhh, yes…the trips to IKEA. I remember them well.
    I went so often that the warehouse guys would wave to me when they saw me from a distance at the checkout paying for my stuff.
    As a matter of fact, one time Mrs. TBF and I were riding down the escalator at Manor in Basel during the first month or two that we lived here, and she noticed that I said hi to an apparent stanger. “Who was that?”, she asked. “Oh…just one of the warehouse guys from IKEA”, I told her. She couldn’t believe it!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS to you both on signing for your flat!!

    Brilliant news!

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