So…how was it for you??

I’ve been de-flowered.

My IKEA cherry was well and truly lost last Friday night. And boy was it good. The first time is always the best supposedly but when I think of all the flat-packed goodness in that store I can’t wait for my next time. Sit back, relax and let me tell you about our IKEA voyage…

Flat-pack Mecca. The anticipation was unbearable (and annoying for Eva!).
We went there with the essentials listed:

1. A bed (preferably big and comfy)
2. A wardrobe (preferably big with funky drawers)
3. A couch (preferably big – you may be detecting a theme here – with room to stretch out)
4. Shelves (for the spare bedroom)
5. A set of drawers (does exactly what it says on the tin)
6. A table and chairs (possibly, we want something not so new and flat packed)

Armed with our list and a strict budget we hit the store. I quickly realised that IKEA functions in some sort of time-warp/blackhole kinda thing. We went in one end of the store and arrived out at the same end but we walked for miles in between. And time went at least three times quicker than outside. Stephen Hawkings needn’t look any further. “A brief history of time” should have been set in an IKEA store.

Everybody do the time warp! I couldn’t make head nor tail of it. All I know is that it’s a lot further than it looks on the map!
Anyway, the first thing to tick off the list was the couch. We didn’t just get a couch, we got a green one! At the time it was an exciting, statement making, caution to the wind decision. On reflection there are worries (Eva’s worried!) about colour schemes and things that “go” with it.

This is Eva trying out the green couch and the price tag!
Next up was the wardrobe which was pretty straight forward, ditto for the bed and shelves and we decided against a table and chairs for the time being. Our only impulse buys were a big chunky wooden chopping block and a washing up brush with a suction cup on the end so you can stick it to the worktop. Not bad you have to admit. Especially for a first-timer like me.

So the last few evenings have been spent constructing furniture. Lots of furniture. As we generally don’t get home till after six and we have to have dinner and things we are tight for time before the “noise making curfue” kicks in at 10pm. And as we’re trying to be nice to our new neighbours we’ve been keeping the noise to a minimum. We’ve now perfected the art of building IKEA without making a sound.

I see it as a new martial art. Silent IKEA or “SIKEA” as I like to call it.
We’re IKEA ninjas in a way. Armed with a hammer and screw-driver we can build a shelf unit in complete silence and you’ll never know we’d been there. You’re impressed, I can tell.


5 responses to “So…how was it for you??

  1. Global Librarian

    Now that you have experience, perhaps we can hire you when it’s our turn to deal with the flat packages?

  2. I have to admit, my first trip was back in CAlifornia in about 1996 or so and I was so unimpressed. But furniture is readily available unlike Switz and Canada for a decent price…

    And how are you feelijng now? haha… Just be careful as your stuff might not hold up well if you move!

  3. So Ikea has been tackled….I too have been to a Swiss Ikea – go to Switzerland for the weekend to visit a friend and end up visiting Ikea!! Don’t ask! This one was in the French part but I am sure it was the same.

    I too have the dishwasher brush that sticks to the surface! Doesn’t everyone have one?


  4. Wow, you went crazy with those impulse buys, a chopping board and a washing up brush! I’m hoping that Ikea is in Dublin by the time we get our own place next summer. We’re half-thinking of getting a van and going on the ferry over to Wales to fill up if not.

    Oh and on the green, we’ve had an unfortunate green incident recently. My gf’s parents were away last week so she decided to paint the front door green. Not a good idea as it’s all been stripped now! I quite liked it but then again, it’s not my place. The couch looks great, sometimes you need a piece of furniture to just stick out a bit.

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