The first post from "home"…


This is the first post from home. Its also the first post I’ve published wirelessly. And its the first post I’ve blogged illegally as I’m using a neighbours wireless connection to access the internet. He/she doesn’t know this.

If you’re (my generous neighbour!) reading this, thanks!
Our week has been dominated by allan keys, wrenches, hammers, drills and light fittings. But after lots of “fit peg A into hole B while joinging flap G to the back of the wardrobe section Q”, our flat is coming together. Our bed has now been completed along with our wardrobe and two sets of shelves. A light fitting has been installed in our bedroom and another sits waiting in the spare room. Our couch and armchair are due to come in on Thursday I think and so we’ll be back to IKEA for that!

We returned to IKEA last Thursday to get the two bits of the bed we forgot to pick up the first time. A long story. Anyway this visit was much more productive. Like a well oiled formula one pit stop we were in and out of there very quickly. We even stopped for meatballs half way round. Its a strange place!

But not half as weird as the walk over. Pratteln, the town where IKEA is based is about 30 minutes on the tram from Basel. Its another 15 minute walk (30 minutes if you’re not willing to pay delivery and you’re carrying half a bed) to IKEA through an industrial estate. But right in the middle there’s this:
The Western Saloon Steak House in Pratteln. Yeehaa!
Anyway, must go as the connection is going to fail again soon. The internet may be free from our neighbour but its not too reliable. Have to keep the computer pointing in just the right direc…


One response to “The first post from "home"…

  1. Jeez I feel your pain with dodgy wireless. I’m paying for it from eircom and I nearly have to lean out the window sometimes. And it ALWAYS drops out right in the middle of a scandalous info on skype!

    Congrats on all your sucessful flat pack building!


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