In the pipeline…

I’ve so much to post about and so little time. This is what I want to post about:

1. Laundry days.
2. Recycling in Basel.
3. Andrew’s (the brother) visit.
4. Finishing the unpacking and settling in.
5. Our trip to Scotland in two weeks time.
6. The Basel Autumn fair.
7. My first game of squash here in Basel.

But I’ve only time for one.

Eeeeny meeeny miiiiiny mo…no. 4 it is.

So we finished unpacking all the boxes and bags. It’s so nice to finally get rid of all the cardboard from the move and IKEA. Also we could start moving things up to the attic space that came with the flat, giving us a bit more room. Once all that was done then we set about sweeping the floors and cleaning up the dust and sellotape that gets everywhere.

By and large everything survived the move. Considering the state of the boxes when they arrived its a miracle that we didn’t lose more stuff. I get the feeling the boxes weren’t shipped over but fired in a huge catapult and then kicked the rest of the way to the flat. Anyway, we had one or two major casualties.

The “catapult courier” service we used on the way over! Primitive but I suppose it gets the job done!
Eva’s pink, yellow and orange plastic bento/picnic box was cracked. This box is one of her favorite possessions and I couldn’t believe it got chipped. But we searched high and low, found the shard of pink plastic and Eva glued it back together. One or two bowls were chipped and our pyrex measuring jug came out of the box looking like a 2000 piece jigsaw. No big loss.

Of my stuff there was a huge catastrophe. A prized, much loved possession came out of the box, brutally disfigured. I suggest if you’re squeamish to look away now. Marvin emerged without his legs.

The splinters of plastic, the horror of it all…
Immediately I cried out, “medic, medic, for the love of God I need a medic”. Eva, cool as a cucumber suggested we glue him back together. Struggling through the emotional trauma I managed to perform some plastic surgery on the kitchen worktop. I am a doctor after all!

Thankfully, after a few minutes rest, to allow the glue to bond, Marvin was back to his evil scheming best and we all lived happily ever after.

Till tomorrow folks…


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