Spurred into action…

Its been quiet on the Swiss front for the last two weeks.

This is partly due to two reasons. I’ve been tired but also relieved to have the apartment almost complete. So I’ve been making sure to enjoy it and settle it in. Precise and difficult measurements have to be taken and adjusted. For instance, stretching out on the couch has been refined and perfected. Shelves in the fridge have been adjusted to accomodate the local beer “Feldschlossen”. The location of the nearest fast food resturant has been logged and the time it takes to get there and back has been calculated. Essential information for any new home.

The second reason is that we’ve got a TV. Now, this is big news. When we were living in Dundee we decided against a TV because we didn’t want to pay the licence fee and have to buy a new TV. So the first two weeks were not easy. I went through the equivalent of cold turkey. I would check the TV schedule in the paper and then realise we didn’t have one. I’d come into the living room and automatically look for the remote. But after that it was fine, I actually got much more done in the evenings. As an aside its amazing how many blank looks I got from friends when I told them we didn’t have a TV. The disbelief always amused me!

But when we moved here I wanted a TV again. A colleague of Eva’s was upgrading his TV and so we relieved him of his old one. Signed up for the local cable service, plugged it in and now we have roughly thirty five channels of German TV. I don’t understand any of it. But do I care. Nope. Nada. Not one bit.

Just to watch the moving pictures, to try and lip read the characters and block out the German dubbing is bliss. We have got CNN, BBC World and BBC Prime which keep us sane. And German MTV which is passable. But we’re getting some extra channels soon that include BBC1 and 2 which will be a little easier on the ears and brain!

Anyway, the point is, all this has got in the way of posting. I’m back now and promise to post on a more regular basis. The reason for posting today is because I received this from a “friend” this morning:


Apart from that, when’s the next hilarious installment of the irishman in the continent…or should that be the incontinent Irishman…hahahahah…..

Very funny. Needless to say I enjoy a challenge and so I’ll be in touch!!


One response to “Spurred into action…

  1. Feldschlossen??? Don’t do it!

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