Going to see a dog about a…?

I’m worried,

My mental health has been called into question many times before. And most of the time people have been right. But this time I know I’m not seeing things! At least I think I’m not.

Anyway, this all stems from discussing with Eva the possibility of getting a pet. This has been going on for a while. Eva has her heart set on a cat. I think they’re deviant, vicious and often more intelligent than me. Which worries me. I want a dog. A big, lumbering, cuddly, mentally dim, fluffy kinda dog. But Eva isn’t interested because they have to be walked and minded etc. So we have a stalemate!

When I moved here and was living in the hostel I walked past a house with a garden on my way to and from work. Every so often there was a small yet perfectly formed golden lab scurrying round the garden, sniffing and licking things as dogs usually do. It was the perfect dog.

So one morning when Eva had moved over I managed to steer our walk past the garden to point out the dog and make her realise the error of her ways! However the dog wasn’t there, nor has it ever been there when Eva is with me. She now believes that this dog is a figment of my imagination!

I think it may be linked to a traumatic experience in my earlier formative years. My parents got my a thorough bred labrador pup from a friend of the families. This was a beautiful dog (from the photos as I was five at the time and can’t remember it really). But I was petrified of it. My Mum had to push me outside to play when it was roaming free. I spent ages at the top of my slide where it couldn’t get to me!! The dog was returned to the friend and I slowly recovered from the dog trauma. Only now I realise what a muppet I was.

Anyhoo, regarding the dog in Basel, I’m thinking of setting up a webcam monitoring the garden until I get proof it exists.

I know I’m not crazy and nor am I. Really?


3 responses to “Going to see a dog about a…?

  1. Global Librarian

    Perhaps the dog is a hallucination?

    Just get the cats. If you treat them like puppies, they act like it. Our cats play fetch, come when they are called and are affectionate with all people (whether the people want them to be or not!) Just like dogs.

  2. Get both Barry but don’t feed the dog for a few days…end of cat problem!
    Eva may not appreciate this though.


  3. Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE dogs. However, I think cats are much better pets for working couples. Plus, finding somebody to take care of your cat when you go away for a few days is much easier than finding somebody to take care of your dog.
    People tend to forget about the downside of owning a dog: dog fur, ticks, accidents in the house, chewing, needing to be walked in the middle of the night when they’ve come down with some sort of stomach worm, barking at outdoor noises, begging at the table, etc., etc.
    However, they are often better companions than cats. Just like most of what life has to offer…a tradeoff.

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