Do you sell sausages..?


We’ve moved in and we’re getting used to our surroundings. Its a good neighbourhood, the Swiss Institute for Tropical Medicine is next door. If there’s an outbreak of ebola, dengue fever or other horrible things, we’ll only be a quick crawl from help! I shouldn’t joke about these things.

Across the road is a small shopping arcade. Small yet very intriguing. A very friendly Italian guy called Francesco has a brabers there. So in reply to some very constructive emails for my “friend”, RIchard, I decided to see if Francesco was up to the task of lopping the ‘fro off. Francesco has very little English but he could say the following:

We is World Champions, yes the Italians
Over and over again while grinning manically in the mirror. The fact that he was holding some very sharp scissors in his hand did concern me. But Francesco did a great job, I was scalped in a controlled manner with Elvis as the background music. The king lives.

Next door to Francesco’s really opened my eyes. It’s a butchers, but not just any butchers. They specialise in HORSE. Scenes from the Godfather movie flashed through my mind when I saw it first. But now I see horse meat in the supermarkets, vaccuum packed beside the beef and pork.

In Ireland horses are revered and idolised. Many people have become incredably wealthy or stone broke because of horses. A large part of Ireland is devoted to space where horses can run and be trained. When the horse falls during a race and throws the jockey, the horse is tended to first. Then the jockey is scraped off the turf and sent to hospital. The fact that you can get horse steak across the road disturbs me slightly. But it won’t stop me trying it out!

Finally at the end of the line of shops, just round the corner is a tanning salon. So I figure I can get the tan topped up, the dinner bought and the hair chopped all within 20 meters of the front door! Its true what they say, its all location, location, location!!


One response to “Do you sell sausages..?

  1. I’ve eaten horse meat. While it’s not the best meat I’ve ever eaten (could use a bit more fat), it didn’t totally disgust me either.

    Mrs. TBF, however, was once unknowingly served (and ate) donkey meat during a business dinner at a restaurant by the Spalentor. I think it was a French restaurant.

    Those French…they’ll eat anything!

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