Slowly taking over the world…

There’s always been that joke:

Why did God invent drink/whiskey/Guinness/(insert favourite tipple here)?

Answer: So the Irish wouldn’t take over the world!
I’d now like to draw your attention to this:

The latest rugby world rankings.
After two great weeks of rugby for Ireland, beating South Africa and Australia, we’ve climbed to third in the world. That equals our highest rating ever, but it doesn’t stop there. On current form we’re a match for anyone and soon the world will be ours.


(That was my evil, holding the world to ransom, megalomaniac laugh)

And there’s not a drop of whiskey in sight!


4 responses to “Slowly taking over the world…

  1. But, as all good trying to take over the world magalomaniacs do, you will be slain as you deliver your monologue.

  2. Bumped into those pacific islanders yesterday…some big boys.. I wouldn’t fancy coming up against em at the weekend! But I’m sure our boys are up to it!

  3. I find it so funny that rugby just doesnt seem to exist up here in igloo land…

  4. Your boys were most certainly up for it! Really gave em a good hammering…more than can be said for the abilities of the England team at the moment.

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