So, I’ve dragged myself out of blogging limbo to …


I’ve dragged myself out of blogging limbo to post this evening. The reason behind this is because I nearly died last night. And because I’m feeling lucky to be alive today I thought it would be best to share my near death experience with you!

In my continuing efforts to meet new people here in Basel and also in the eternal effort to get fit I joined a colleague of mine to go running last night. In Dundee Eva and I went running quite regularly. We had a set route we did two to three times a week. It took us to the edge of Dundee then back in along the river Tay covering 5 km in total. We were running it in 27 – 30 minutes depending on the day. Pretty good and consistent work.

Since I’ve moved to Basel I’ve played a few squash games but felt I needed to get back to the routine of running. “My body is a temple” and all that rubbish. So last night I went and met my colleague and the Basel Running Group. Nice bunch of people but everything was in German so I played along not really knowing what was going on.

We warmed up and the lady in charge deicded there would be three running groups:

The slow group – 30 minutes run on the flat
The medium group – 45 minutes intermediate run
The fast group – 60+ minutes at a face pace

I decided on the middle group being lead by Toby. So I introduced myself to Toby and we set off, roughly twelve people in total. A nice pace and we got to a fine specimen of a hill. Half way up my heart was climbing out of my ribcage and I needed a break. Thankfully everyone stopped and did a bit more stretching. Then the following took place:

Man: german german german; point up the hill
Woman: german german deep breath german; cheerfully pat guy on the back
Other man: german; point along the hill and gives directions
Everyone: german german; smiles all round and we set off up the hill

About twenty minutes later I realised that I was in trouble. Toby wasn’t in the group any more. I assumed he was keeping pace with the guys at the back but when I checked he had gone. The warning bells really started ringing when we left Basel and started running through fields. Uphill and downhill we went through the country side.

Toby and the intermediate group had split from us midway up the hill. I now realised I was with the fast group and they were on a mission to find every hill in Basel and to run up it fast. I paired up with a guy called Stephan and kept pace with him. Not wanting to show any weakness, in between deep gulps of breath and mild cramp I told him how I’d been training for quite a while, but the move to Basel had interrupted things. He suggested that I “just need to find my rhythm”.

What I really needed to find at that point was a paramedic. Anyway, there’s was no chance of stopping because I hadn’t the foggiest about where I was. The run was an hour and ten minutes in total. I spent the last 45 minutes suffering!

I’ve learnt my lesson. I’ve also learnt today that I’ve a lot of trouble sitting down!


4 responses to “So, I’ve dragged myself out of blogging limbo to …

  1. I’m exhausted just reading that! Go you!

  2. Wow. You actually have a running club there? There’s a thirteen mile stretch of running path here in Neuchatel (of which i see approximately 3 miles of ) and it’s aaaall alone. however, it is flat. and there is the distraction of weaving around grandma’s and the stroller club
    i’m jealous, i’ve been dying for a club

  3. Noticed earlier posts about Irish rugby. Thought you might be interested in visiting (web site of the Mostly-expat local club). On winter break at the moment, but play regularly at the St. Jakob Sportanlage.

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