Just a wee bit further…

Picture the scene…

Interior of the Department of Energy for the Swiss Government and there’s a knock at the door…

Minister for Energy: Come in

Two engineers cautiously walk in…

Minister for Energy: What’s the problem gentlemen? Make it quick I have a massage appointment at two with Helga.

Swiss Engineer 1: I’ll get straight to the nitty gritty…we don’t have enough energy to meet the country’s current demand.

Minister for Energy: Bugger! So, what do you propose and remember these Greenpeace guys are all over me like a bad rash!

Swiss Engineer 2: We’ve had a look at tidal power, wind power, solar power and to be brutally honest, none of them are ambitious enough. We want something fancy and cutting edge that will live up to our reputation of master engineers.

Swiss Engineer 1: Too bloody right. So, we’re going for geo-thermal power.

Minister for Energy: Geo-thermal power! Bravo. It sounds fancy enough, I’ll give you that. And its eco-friendly I presume. How does it work exactly?

Swiss Engineer 2: I can answer that one. We pump water at extremely high pressure five kilometres into the earths crust where it becomes heated. We then extract it and use the steam to drive turbines to make electricity. Bingo, Bob’s your uncle and all that. Everyone’s happy.

Minister for Energy: Lovely jubly. I’m happy if you’re happy. I’m off to see Helga. Make it happen gentlemen.

Swiss Engineer 1: Will do boss.

Minister for Energy: Just an afterthought. Where are we going to do this?

Swiss Engineer 2: Eh, Basel, right above the faultline.

Minister for Energy: Oh goody.

Some time later…

Swiss Engineer 1 to Swiss Engineer 2: Oh Holy Crap

See the results here!


One response to “Just a wee bit further…

  1. I was home alone and felt each of the tremors last Friday. The one at 16.50 really made me panic as our whole house shook!!

    Thank goodness they’ve stopped drilling!

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