14th of December??

Its almost a month since I last posted!

I’ve come out of my blogging limbo because I’m attending a lunch this weekend with other Swiss bloggers. I kind of feel like I should squeeze in a few posts before the lunch to justify my attendence!

Life has shifted up a few gears. Christmas was relaxing and very enjoyable. I ate four times my own body weight (each day) and spent time with friends in Dublin and family and neighbours at home. Flew to Amsterdam on the 27th to spend a few days with Eva’s parents over New Years.

I got to experience the Dutch fireworks insanity on New Years Eve. It’s the only day of the year when fireworks are legal. I stood outside on the street with Eva’s Dad in disbelief. They estimate that €63M of fireworks went up into the sky. It was quite amazing. We got back to Basel on the 1st of January and then headed skiing last Friday to Tignes in France.

It was an amazing weekend. Got to meet up with my firend Larry from college who was down there for a few weeks on the piste. Tignes is a great place with a huge selection of slopes and mountains. We skied all day Saturday and half of Sunday. Still feeling the pain but well worth the effort.

A cracking photo Eva took of the mountains as we went up on the lift! The weather and conditions were perfect.
So, I’m back. I’ve got the wireless internet set up in the apartment and want to get back to some proper blogging! Watch this space!


3 responses to “14th of December??

  1. Sounds like you’ve been having a really busy time of things!!

    Can’t wait to hear how your lunch goes.

  2. Nice pic! Now I remember why I decided to give up skiing for good – SCARY!

  3. the dutch fireworks thing is crazy, I still have to get used to it every new years. It’s pretty dangerous on the streets here and with the drinking aswell…
    Good luck with the German learning!

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