Easing gently back into it…

I can’t blame my lack of posts on anything really.

Work, the social life and Basel have been hectic but not to the point where it should get in the way of posting. Creative tensions, writers block and lack of things to talk about don’t really explain it either. I think I just needed a break from it.

However, having met the guys from Swisscoffee last night and getting some “gentle” reminders about how I haven’t posted in so long, I decided to jump back in the saddle. Too much has gone by between now and the last post, so I’m going to start with a clean slate and see how it goes. It’s like riding a bike, you never forget!!

So last night we had a very unplanned, but ultimately very successful night out. Met Sarah and Matthew from Swisscoffee for a quick drink after work. After two beers we decided on dinner at Lily’s, a noodle bar just across the river. That was badly needed due to the next idea. Off to an Irish pub to see some live music and have a few Guinness. A lamb curry can dampen the Guinness effect, however I’m not sure how happy Eva was about it this morning. I left the doors to the balcony open for a while this morning!!

This was the second night in a row we’d gone to see live music. The Irish folk music really made me miss home, but funnily enough, I missed Scotland more. When we were living there we always tried to get to a live “session” every Thursday in the Fishermans. So I always associate Irish/Scottish folk music with Dundee.

Still, nice to get out and about and see some nightlife. Also nice to have a lazy weekend to recover!!


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