The recovery continues unabated! As the next step in the blog guilt cleansing, I have to post some pictures that have been clogging up my mobile phone for the last few months. They’ve been ear-marked for posts for quite a while but finally I’ll get them out of the way.

So in no particular order and over a few posts, I’ll try and show you whats been happening:

A snowy sunset from the lab window in February I think?
We’ve had three or four days of snow in Basel over the winter in what has been a disappointing first ski season here! But we have managed to get a few trips in, to Engelberg, Tignes and Grindelwald. We’ve got a few days in Klosters planned for the start of April.

This gives you some idea of how much snow we got overnight.
I’m much more confident on the skis now and it shows in the bruises I got on our last trip! We went to Gridelwald with Eva’s brother and his girlfriend for a weekend. Now that I’m more comfortable on the piste I’m starting to speed up which makes the falls that little bit harder. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

Not sure what pictures will pop up tomorrow, a bit of a lucky dip system being used to select them!


One response to “Cleansing…

  1. Wow, what kind of phone do you have that lets you take such spectacular photos?

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