Within a whisker…

Of course,

Along with the Swiss job and Swiss life other things have been keeping me away from the blog. For seven weeks in February and March I was glued to everything rugby. With rapturous joy at times and deep despair at others, I followed Ireland’s campaign as they played Wales, France, England, Scotland and Italy over the course of the Six Nations. For those of you who didn’t watch every absorbing minute of every match I’ll give you a brief recap.

Ireland started off by beating Wales in Cardiff, 19 points to 9. A solid if unspectacular start and two points on the board. Next up we faced France at home. My Dad got my brother and I tickets to go see this historic match (see here). Ireland started badly but recovered and went four points ahead with a minute left to play. Then France went and ruined everything by scoring again (20-17 was the final score). I was shell shocked and headed to the pub with Andrew and my uncle to analyse where we went wrong over several pints. We’d figured it out in the end but can’t remember now!!

Next up was England in Croke Park and this was even more charged than the previous game. Everything, including the scoreline went without a hitch. Ireland romped home, winning by 30 points. That was followed by a nervy one point win over Scotland to reclaim the Triple Crown. Importantly France, the only team to have won all their games to that point were beaten by England. That set up the final day with the possibility of Ireland, France or England winning the tournament depending on points difference (the winning margin).

Eva’s parents were here for that weekend and Henk came along to the pub with me for moral support. Ireland vs. Italy was first and Ireland won handsomely (51 points to 24) if not a little sloppily. But we’d had two Guinness at this stage and felt confident Ireland had done enough.

That’s Henk on the right with his Guinness hat! The photo was taken mid celebration and had nothing to do with the four Guinness beforehand. Honestly…

France played Scotland next and for a while it looked bad. France were winning by the required number of points and Scotland looked tired. All of a sudden however, they string a few passes together and score a try meaning Ireland were now winning overall. Cue the fourth Guinness and a small bit of singing. But the French had to do it to us again. Four minutes into extra time they piled over the Scottish tryline. It wasn’t clear cut but the fourth official (who was Irish by the way, oh the irony) awarded the try and France had won and Ireland had come second for the 5th time out of the last 7 tournaments.

You can understand why I didn’t feel like posting after all of that…


2 responses to “Within a whisker…

  1. We came to the conclusion that we don’t like French people anymore (nothing racial about it, just rugby). Especially after the France-Scotland match!!

  2. You’ll be proud of me; I actually watched part of the England vs. Wales game (match?).
    I have to admit that rugby is not bad. Of course I like American football better due to my upbringing, but rugby is definitely MUCH better than all that soccer nonsense!

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