Funny signs…

The last photo I put up on yesterdays post, the one about the picture of the picture that’s not there, reminded me of another funny sign I had a picture of. A quick trawl through the photo vault and I found this one:

I think the sign says it all!
This was in the car park of a hotel/pub place we walked past on a trip to the west coast of Scotland one or two years ago. I couldn’t believe someone would pay to put up this sign! But obviously there’d been a big problem with dogs relieving themselves in this guys car park. So fair enough really!

Not wanting to bring the tone of this post any lower, but speaking about relieving one’s self, I came across this in a pub here in Basel. I actually think it was the night I first met the Big Finn and we went for a few pints and a bite to eat.

This is a difficult one to explain really. In one respect it shows that men can actually multi-task, or “parallel process” as I’ve heard it being referred to. Going to the toilet and trying to get the ball in the goal is not easy! However it does say something about our attention spans, that we need something to entertain us in the loo.

Anyway, hopefully tomorrow the standard will be out of the gutter and back up again to its usual high (cough, cough…ahem) standards.


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