Can’t post…must follow the cricket???


There’s been a strange craze sweeping the country at home (according to my Dad) and I’m starting to get caught up in it too. The Irish cricket team have done the unthinkable and have qualified for the World Cup.

Not only that, they went and drew their game against Zimbabwe.

Then not only that, they went and beat Pakistan (under suspicious circumstances, but a win is a win!)

They’ve now started the next phase of the World Cup and their first opponents are England. So never mind rugby and soccer, its all about the cricket now. I just need to decipher what commentary like this means:

Ireland skipper Johnston is into the attack and his first ball is a lollipop, smothered in thousands and islands and Ice Magic. KP larrups it through the covers for four and follows up with a crackerjack square-drive for another boundary. KP gets another couple with a trademark whip from outside off-stump to leg. Pietersen, opening his legs now, times Johnston down the ground for another four and that is just what the quack ordered for England – 14 from the over.
Or how about this one:

19th over: 84-2
Botha is tighter than Rik Waller’s knicker elastic in this over, maiden over. KP will have to start giving it some tap-tap-tapparoo in a minute.

Anyway, bottom line is, Ireland are going to win. Come on the boys!!


2 responses to “Can’t post…must follow the cricket???

  1. I wouldn’t say it is quite sweeping the country, but there are plenty of us attempting the same thing as you, to decipher the unknowable that is cricket 🙂

  2. What’s next for Ireland? Baseball?

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