Great weekends…


So we didn’t quite pull it off against the English in the Cricket World Cup but we didn’t disgrace ourselves either and the mood in the camp is still positive and hopeful. I reckon they have another win or two in them over the next five games.

But I thought I’d move on from the cricket and get up to speed with whats been happening here in Basel. We’ve just had a great weekend. We spent Friday evening with friends who have moved from Dundee to Basel. We all started our PhDs together in Dundee and I never thought we’d all end up in Basel but its great to see them. We went to Hirscheneck, quite close to the river for dinner and it was good. I like the feel of the place, its run on a voluntary basis, the staff are there for the fun of it! They have a non-smoking room and the atmosphere is relaxed. The food is pretty good too, with simple yet well cooked meals. Very successful indeed.

Saturday we spent around town and both of us had to pop into work for a while. But Saturday evening proved to be a cultural highlight. Eva got us tickets to go see a choir perform in one of the churches right in the middle of Basel. St. Martins Kirche (church) is nestled in the heart of the old city just down the street from the more majestic Munster and very close to the Rhein. I don’t think its used for worship anymore as the altar area has been replaced with a wooden stage but the building is very nice and as with everything in Basel, very old. The 1300’s I believe.

The music was celebrating 400 years of English choir music and they performed pieces from the 1600’s right up to the 1950’s. Very interesting and enlightening!! Its good to “get a bit of culture” every now and then! Of course to balance that out, we popped into McGuiness’ pub on the way home for a quick pint and to listen to the live trad music that was on! Can’t have too much culture all in the one go!

Sunday was spent in the Jura hunting for wild garlic! We jumped on the train and headed to Delemont, about thirty minutes south of here. Then we walked back to the train stop before Delemont at Laufen. The walk was about five hours, through farmland and forest. We had stunning weather and the entire place to ourselves! We met very few fellow walkers on our route. The Golden Shrimp also had alternative reasons to go walking. Wild garlic is in season and in the forests there was just a carpet of green garlicy-ness. So we bagged up some of “the herb” and took it back with us.

So just three and a half days of work and recovery before next weekend. Four days skiing in Klosters! More about that soon, but in the meantime pray for some more snow for us!


2 responses to “Great weekends…

  1. Klosters…. skiing…. I am dying of jealousy! You lucky thing 🙂

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