Choral music…

Here’s a taste of some of the choral music we listened to on Saturday night:

(NB: you’ll need iTunes for this I’m afraid)

April is my mistress face – Thomas Morley

Ave Verum – Edward Elgar

Salvator Mundi – Thomas Tallis

Splendid stuff indeed. And here’s a quick picture of a lesser spotted Golden Shrimp in her natural environment i.e. picking wild garlic amongst the Jura!!

And here’s the “merchandise”! We actually filled the bag and have been stinking of garlic all week but it’s worth it. Wild garlic pesto, wild garlic and ricotta stuffed ravioli and wild garlic infused mashed potatoes!! It’s all good!! Quality gear!


One response to “Choral music…

  1. You do know that Bärlauch is widely available all over the Basel area in case you run out. Right?

    I see tons of it growing along the river right in front of our apartment. Plus, we used to pick it in the forest about 100 meters from our front door when we used to live in Reinach.

    …just in case you don’t feel like going all the way to Jura next time.

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