Off for the weekend…


Tomorrow afternoon we’re off to Klosters for the Easter break. We’ve got Thursday afternoon, Friday and Monday off work and plan to spend as much of it as possible on the piste! Really looking forward to it. It’ll be good to get out of work and Basel for a while and see another part of Switzerland.

One side of the Klosters/Davos valley. Of course I’m only interested in the black runs!!
It’ll also give me a chance to hone my skiing and start perfecting the back flips I’ve been working on (cough)!! This time round I’m considering renting skis on the final day to compare them to the pair I have at the moment. The skis that Larry donated are great for learning but are old school. They’re taller than me, about 185cm I estimate and not carved (which means narrower in the middle than at the ends!). Now I must admit to not knowing much about all this but the theory at the moment is that skis should be shorter and carved to allow easier turning. So I’m going to try that out on Monday and see if I notice a difference.

The weather is looking good, sunshine wise, but no snow. Which could be a blessing as I think it snowed there quite recently, so hopefully we’ll have the best of both worlds. Good pistes and brilliant sunshine. Better bring the suncream as the pasty white Irish skin will be under severe pressure!

Until next week, happy Easter!


3 responses to “Off for the weekend…

  1. Have a fab time… do a couple of nice reds for me!

  2. Hope you had a great Easter Weekend!!

  3. Hey Barry,

    I’ve just caught up on your blog and thought i would give you a link that will be of help as you travel along the road of black runs and back-flips! will be of use to you methinks.

    All the best matey!

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