The Klosters experience

Three days on the piste,

Afterwards my calf muscles were knotted, my hamstrings had strung, my knees were shot, my lower face had merged into one large freckle but…

I’m still smiling when I think of it!

I felt this was the trip where I finally got “the hang” of skiing. I managed my first whole day (Sunday) without falling in the snow. It makes a big change when you don’t get wet! However on the Saturday I had a coming together with a snow boarder after she’d lost control coming down the slope behind me. I ended up in a heap off the piste and all she could say was “mein ass, mein ass”.

Generally when you’ve had a “coming together” and you’re lying face down in the powder the first thoughts are:

1. Snow is not as soft as it looks.
2. Are all my limbs intact?
3. Do they all work?
4. Was it my fault?
5. Is it too early to start drinking?

I picked myself up and despite a quite serious injury (my thumbnail was bruised; see the photos below) I managed to ski down to Eva. I had thought of calling for the helicopter to get me down the mountain but after a sausage and chips and a half litre of coke for lunch I felt I could struggle on!

We were very lucky with our days on the mountain, perfect weather, good snow conditions and plenty of space to work on the turns and the finer points of back flipping!

I’ve posted some of the photos on Flickr for you to have a look. Enjoy!

The new site is on its way. Until then keep checking back!


3 responses to “The Klosters experience

  1. Hey Barry
    That injury looks pretty serious! Have you had to take time off work? Good to see Eva wearing the Costa Rica t-shirt!!

  2. If you got out with that, I wonder what the snow boarder looked like?? LOL

    I changed your address on BLOG VILLAGE, and I’ll vote for you.

  3. Ooops . I guess I’d better help you get the banner on first, eh?

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