It’s an it, not a who…

My last post got me thinking,

This is a constant discussion between Eva and myself. It all stems from when we met in Dundee and Eva had an old burgundy coloured Ford Fiesta. She christened it Fred, F for Fiesta, F for Fred. You get the idea! Next up we had an old white VW Polo that was named Dolly.

dsc00230.jpgDolly the car!

No real correlation there, but after some thought this was the most suitable name?

I tried to resist and maintain that it was “the car”, not Dolly. But after time, my resistance was broken and I found myself voluntarily using Dolly. Eva maintains that its okay to name “things” that are old and have character. Out of principle I refuse to let this happen again.

But now I’ve gone and bought an old bike that could be argued has some character. It also comes with a name (Hercules) stamped on its frame and suddenly I’m slipping into the trap again?I just have to keep repeating “the bike” over and over again…

What inanimate objects have you named and become attached to recently?


3 responses to “It’s an it, not a who…

  1. I like the new look!

    Now, repeat after me: “The bike” “The bike” “The bike” “The bike” “The bike” “The bike” “The bike”

  2. I name objects all the time. My last laptop was named Pavlov. I’m still thinking about the new one. It is so shiny I just may have to go with Kaylee

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