What have the Romans ever done for us??

Andrew (the brother) visited last weekend for a few days. He has an action packed year planned and so the next time we might see him is in Berlin in the Autumn during his work experience there! In between, he has exams and a trip to the States for three months of “finding himself” (my words, not his!). Anyway, we decided now was the last chance to meet up before all that. We had a great few days, wandered around Basel and visited a town nearby called Augst.Augst (Augusta Raurica – the Roman name) was a Roman settlement and a lot of the ruins from that period are still to be seen. So, in the burning midday sun we, along with Matthew and Sarah from Swisscoffee, rambled through the countryside having a look at Roman amphitheatres, temples, sewage systems and graveyards. That was topped off with a Grosse Beer and a pizza. Top quality day all round.

On the Saturday we visited a large open-air bike sale on in Basel. This has been a sticking point we me since I moved here. It boils down to me being inherently lazy. I normally don’t admit this but I have come to slowly (lazily, maybe!) realise it over the last few months. Anyhoo, I didn’t see the point in getting a bike because:

  1. We live ten minutes walk from work
  2. The public transport in Basel is fantastic
  3. It was money that could be better off spent on other things
  4. Bikes require maintenance and bike tax and locks and other things
  5. Cycling is exercise, walking isn’t.

But I couldn’t put if off any longer and so we went round and had a look at what was on offer. Matthew and Andrew acted as quality control advisers? And also had one or two smart comments. Anyway, I picked up a bargain, a green and yellow mean machine that has Hercules written on the frame. All for CHF170. Happy days. So I am now mobile and today I arrived to work on my trusty steed.

I have major plans for “blinging and pimping” my ride but that’s another story for another day!


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