Twice as much, twice as fast…

Last night I promised myself an early night.

Lots of things lined up to do today, give the bike a good clean and give it a bit of a tune up. I have two presentations next week in work and they needed looking at. And the flat looked like a bomb site so I thought that could do with a scrub.

So at 10.30pm last night, with nothing on TV, I was just about to retire for the evening when I realised that I’d recorded The Masters from last weekend. I love watching golf, I think you need to have the right temperment but I find it very therapeutic. I knew Zach Johnson had won but didn’t know how everyone else got on.

So, I decided to watch half an hour and hit the sack at 11pm. Because I’d recorded it using our cable digital recorder you can skip the boring bits by fast forwarding ahead. But, you can also watch it at 2X, 4X etc. I suddenly realised that I could fit an hour of golf into thirty minutes of “real-time”.

Bonus! Of course I ended up watching three hours of 2X golf and going to bed at 1.30am after effectively watching six hours of golf coverage. Needless to say I’ve done nothing all day!


2 responses to “Twice as much, twice as fast…

  1. I’m probably the only non golfer in our family… And my Dad owns a glof club. I must be the shame of the family.

  2. like the new fancy schmancy site!

    Golf dont’ get it myself… but watching it can be v relaxing, all the green and slow movement đŸ™‚

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