Election rigging…

I need your help,

To sway a very important decision. There’s a lot of talk in the media about elections at the moment. The Irish government are set to be decided soon in election. There are plenty of column inches dedicated to when Tony Blair is moving on and Gordon Brown can move next door.

But one vote, of crucial importance, has had no publicity at all. Hasbro, the makers of Monopoly are commissioning a new game based on Ireland. There’s a problem however. Only 22 of the 32 counties can be included, the board isn’t big enough!

Which counties make it will be decided by the public, (that’s you by the way) via an online vote. I want you to help me make Monaghan No.1!!

Here’s the link

Vote Monaghan No.1

Its really simple. Click the link, click on Monaghan, put in your name and email address and click vote. So simple yet so important. For those of you who may need a little help, this is where Monaghan is located:


Just place your mouse over the red dot, make sure it’s Monaghan and then use your Democratic power to make, what I’m sure you’ll agree is, the right decision. You can vote once a day, so the more votes the better. Monaghan is currently sixth behind some dubious counties like Roscommon and Donegal. We can change this for the better, vote Monaghan No.1!

Together we can make Monopoly a better game.




2 responses to “Election rigging…

  1. Bloody hell Roscommon is the top spot by miles!

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