Ich bin ein muppet…

I’ve started my Deutsch Intensiv II class just recently. This time round the intensity has certainly gone up a notch. Our new teacher has ignored the text book and has been engaging us in conversation the whole time. You really have to be on your toes and keep up to speed with her.

But its feeling good. I’m starting to make progress and as you can see from the title of this post I can now chastise myself in German. Which is handy when you consider what I’ve just done. Matthew and I have got back to our “weekly pints after class” night and yesterday we were joined by a new classmate from New Zealand.


When we came out of class I ran to get my bike. Remember the bike? Conscious of keeping the guys waiting I scrambled round looking for my lock key. And I couldn’t find it. Anywhere. This is the key that I remarked to myself earlier on, saying:

“I should really put that key on a keyring. I’m bound to lose it”

So I figured I’d put it in my rucksack and it’ll turn up somewhere. So we headed to the pub, and I turned my bag inside out. My pockets were emptied on the table and there was no key. I cursed gently to myself. I’ve only had the bike two weeks. When we left the pub I headed back to the bike and searched around but to no avail. Still though, at least it won’t be knicked! If I can’t get to it, Johnny Burgular won’t be having a go either.


But I do need any hints you may have “heard of” for breaking bike locks! Not that I’d suggest you know these things yourself!


One response to “Ich bin ein muppet…

  1. What’s a muppet? Not in LEO, sorry!

    As for the lock, any chance you can get a spare key from the manufacturer? If you kept the packaging, there may be some instructions. Or, perhaps if you’ve got the receipt, the Polizei can help you out and cut the lock?

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