Off for the weekend!

Can you guess where I’m going for Dave’s stag do? Answers on a postcard to the usual address!

Quick update on the bike. It’s still locked and the key is still lost. However I’ve had some very helpful suggestions from my lab mates. Liquid nitrogen, to freeze it and shatter the mechanism, hacksaw to cut through it, pick the lock and/or hit it with a really big hammer. I favour the Mission Impossible style approach with the liquid nitrogen. We just happen to have 200 litres of it in a tank outside the back door. Lovely!

Quick update number two. Monaghan has slipped to 6 in the Monopoly list. You’re obviously not voting enough. I expect a vote per day and you should be canvassing family, friends and random strangers for votes! Click the link on the right NOW!


One response to “Off for the weekend!

  1. could you not ask the coppers to angle grind it off ? or a lock shop to se if they sell keys for those types of locks … the bastards

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