It never works…

I’m alive,

I actually survived quite well which I was suprised about. The Barcelona trip broke down like this:

  • Arrive at 2.30pm on Friday
  • Meet and greet the lads, in the pub by four
  • Tapas at 9pm (memory slightly hazy)
  • Got to bed at 6am (not sure how I got there exactly)
  • Wake up the next morning at 9.30am (strong “sea-sickness” feeling)
  • Paintballing from 10am to 1pm (very hot and dry and sore)
  • Pizza, and a walk round the city (the first beer to test the water)
  • An hours sleep (sooooo good)
  • Pub at 7pm (gently gently)
  • Dinner at 9.30pm (amazing steak, although it was a seafood restuarant)
  • Bed at 6.30am (woke up the wrong way round)
  • Up at 10.30am on Sunday (memory much better than the first night)
  • Back in Basel at 6pm (crashed)

Obviously there’s more in between, in various degrees of haziness but I must admit to having a great weekend. Plus there’s the “what goes on tour, stays on tour” mantra!

Barcelona is a great place, the size and scale of it is impressive. So many winding streets and huge plazas and monuments. Really amazing and deserves a proper touristy trip back I think. I have photos but I’m afraid to look at them. Once I’ve screened the blurred photos, the ones of dance floors and walls, I’ll post what’s left!

I got back to Basel and on Monday night had my Intensive German course. Needless to say, it was the last thing I needed as the weekend was setting in. Afterwards I went with Matthew for our usual pint after class. Convinced of the medicinal qualities of Guinness I had a pint. Tuesday morning I felt very hung over and so I’m now convinced that the “hair of the dog” definitely does not work. Ever. I’m now detoxing, nothing but grapefruit and calorie free water for the next three weeks!!


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