Can it be true…

I’m always a little skeptical.

But then I read this today:

Mini tornado hits Northern Ireland

So, okay, there were some strong winds and some damage. But a tornado in Northern Ireland? Then I remembered reading this last week:

Warmest April on record

Okay, but how long have records been kept? This could just be an anomaly (difficult to spell that one!). And besides, England could do with a little warming up. But then I read this a while ago as well:

Dry weather fires up irrigation debate

Now I’m starting to put one and one together. This also popped up a few days ago:

The big dry

So now I’m not skeptical, just a little worried! To cap it off they’ve just had the largest earthquake in the south of England since records began. Its got to make you think? Or at least recycle that pile of old newspapers!



One response to “Can it be true…

  1. Barry

    A soft 8 iron is needed at the Irish Open,being played in Adare Manor at present. Fly over.

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