A country in mourning…

Its all over.

The dream was never to be and its time to face facts. Falling short at the last hurdle is never an easy way to go out. But second place is only the first loser, there’s no margin for error. Switzerland woke up this morning grieving, yearning for what might have been. But alas, with hopes dashed against the rocks, the Swiss have picked themsleves up and are carrying on as best they can. Bless.

You see, last night was the qualifying round for the Eurovision and Switzerland had to make it through the tough competition. When I say tough competition I mean the various drag queens, belly dancers and heavy metal acts from various other European hopefuls. Switzerland decided to pull out all the stops this year and entered their most famous musical act.


If you haven’t heard of him, thank your lucky stars. DJ Bobo is very popular here and has had a few no.1 hits in Germany, Bosnia and South America. He specialises in that glorified genre of music known as Eurodance and is responsible for classics such as “Pirates of Dance” and “Chihuahua”. Need I say more?

Anyway, this year he entered with a cracking piece of Eurovision styled pop called “Vampires are alive“. Its been getting a lot of airplay here and was listed, in pre-Eurovision polls as a likely winner. Bedecked in vampire outfit and with his vampire backing singers and dancers, he gave it his all (or so I’m reliably told, as I had better things to be doing). Sadly (cough cough) he fell at the first hurdle. The lads in the office here are devastated. Much muttering about Eastern block voting tactics and unfair TV time slots etc. They’re suggesting flying the national flags at half mast and wearing black.

Maybe I should suggest the legend that is “Mister Eurovision” himself, Johnny Logan to them. It can’t get much worse!


4 responses to “A country in mourning…

  1. I had such a laugh watching their performance last night. Am on the look out for it on YouTube!

  2. Makes me wish I’d at least taken a peak last night 🙂 Don’t think I’ll be watching the real show either but you never know.

    Also, Johnny Logan used to be a fine thing, but it has all gone so wrong…

  3. I wasn’t expecting him to get any further than that, to be honest and I’m not sure I’ll watch the finals either. Well, maybe just zap in & out for curiosity’s sake 😉

    PS: I think I have to re-link you in my rss-feed. It didn’t show me the latest updates.

  4. Oh yes, this is a nice design. I use it myself. Only problem with it, is that it lacks of some “natural” WP archives necesary for certain plugins (wich can manually be created).


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