Home alone…

I’ve got the place to myself this long weekend,

We have another four day weekend (due to ascension Thursday) and Eva has headed to London to meet friends, drink plenty of tea, do lots of shopping and generally unwind. I’ve gotten down to sorting the place out. I got straight into eating up a few left overs in the fridge to make place for some beer. Got the shopping snacks in, and settled down to finding my groove in the sofa. Very important to mould the cushion to support you in the optimum position for reaching the beer and the remote.

After two days of “de-evolving” on the couch I decided I’d better get going and do something with the days off and the good weather. So this morning I got up at the ungodly hour of nine o’clock and headed off to Zurich on the train. I’ve never been and its somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit. I think because its got a name that starts with a ‘Z, it sounds very exotic.

The city is fantastic, very similar in layout and atmosphere to Basel, but I think it just pips Basel overall due to the whopping big lake. I popped into the tourist office and asked for recommendations. She told me about a walking tour of the city that should take two hours and then a boat trip on the lake. However with the heat and the walking it took a little longer than two hours. It took six actually. I did stop twice for “refreshments” and once for lunch. So in the end I decided against the boat tour.

I did however pop into the James Joyce centre as I never realised he lived (and died) there. Took my time along the lakeside and ventured into a few shops on the way round. So over all a great day out, I’m shattered now after the walking. I deserve a beer I think!

You can see the photos in my Flickr account. Click the photo panel on the right.


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