Sound advice…

I knew it would help,

My post a few days ago about my “sporting moment” was well timed. images.jpg

What I had failed to mention at the time, to avoid jinxing anything, was that an Irishman, Padraig Harrington, was leading the Irish Open at Adare Manor. He went on to win the competition and in doing so was the first Irishman in 25 years to take home the trophy. Fair play and a great boost for Irish golf.

images-1.jpgOf course, in true Irish fashion he had to drag it out until the end. He was leading by two shots with two holes to go but managed finishing up level with Bradley Dredge. So they went back to the 18th hole for the playoff. Dredge stuck his approach shot into the river bank and Padraig landed it on the green. The old “soft eight iron” wins the day again! I knew he’d appreciate my advice on the tricky approach to the 18th!

If he now wins the PGA Championship at Wentworth he’ll earn £283,000 for the Irish Open, £494,000 for the PGA and a special bonus of £680,000 for winning both. That’s £1,459,000 in total. Not bad for two-three weeks work. When I say “work” I mean hitting a small white ball round a field.
Damn it, I should have stuck to the golf.


One response to “Sound advice…

  1. the rotter whom i played in a matchplay last night (lost 1 down on the 18th), said his brother had a €25 eachway bet on harrington to win the irish open and johnson to win the A,T & T – 6 grand the bastard won

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