Avast ya landlubbin’ bilge rats…

No offense or anything,

But last night we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean III. Hereby referred to as POTC as I can’t be bothered spelling Carribbean the whole time. I’m still in the pirate state of mind and have been letting out a few “Arrh’s” today. Anyway, we headed off to see Johnny Depp and co. do their thing and I have to say it came up a little short.

I’m not sure if I’m expecting too much these days but the recent trend of sequels have left me wanting more. The only exception to that was Batman Begins. But that’s a prequel, not a sequel, so it doesn’t count. I think. POTC has all the elements you’d expect but I left POTC II with a very sour taste in my mouth due to the abrupt ending so the third installment really had to pull it out of the bag. And it didn’t.

Depp was brilliant as usual, Keira Knightley looked her usual best (slight understatement), Geoffrey Rush and Bill Nighy did well and all the elements were there for a cracker. However I spent most of the time trying to figure out who was back-stabbing who and who was on the good side and on the dark side and who was dead and who was undead, but alive and who was just plain, boringly alive. Still with me? I’m still not sure I know what went on.

As with the recent Spiderman III film, the special effects were spleen shatteringly good, but like Spidey III that’s no substitute for good plot and a story you can follow. Both films suffered from over complication in my humblest opinion. They could have cut out a quarter of the storylines, shaved half an hour off the film time and I’d have been just as happy. Call me old fashioned but I’d prefer the simplicity and originality of the first in each series against the hyped, over-worked, over-budgetted stories in the third installments.

Overall I’d give POTC III a generous seven out of ten.

(But then, what do I know?)


One response to “Avast ya landlubbin’ bilge rats…

  1. I would have to agree with that. especially the kiera knightly understatment. SHA WING!!!!!

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