Pushing forward the frontiers…

Science is a funny business,

Since I’ve been involved in science I’ve always joked with my friends about being at the cutting edge of technology, thinking outside the box, pushing the limits of human understanding, saving the world one small tube at a time..yadadadadddaa. The usual rubbish. This was generally met with groans of despair, wild disbelief and much guffawing. However this must be proof that we scientists have a sense of humor after all:


This was recently published in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America” journal. Let me explain the idea.

So, they get you to hide your hand out of view, then stroke your hand and a rubber hand that you can see simultaneously. Your brain associates the stroking to the rubber hand and assumes ownership of the rubber hand. They then get a big needle and stab it towards the rubber hand without touching it. Your brain then produces a threat related response.

Saving the world? Maybe, if we all have rubber hands. And we have to escape large stabbing needles. It could happen.


One response to “Pushing forward the frontiers…

  1. That’s freaky, but understandable. It’s the same thing when you kick someone’s pet – you’d swear it was them being kicked, the way they shout.

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