Bonding at work, or working at bonding?

Last week we had a departmental outing.

I’m a big fan of these events. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating team-building exercises every two weeks where you have to fashion a log raft out of four empty wine bottles, a strip of tin foil and six sticks of wrigleys chewing gum while tied to your blindfolded work mates. I think these things can be taken too far.

Every now and again though its good to spend some time, out of work, with your colleagues. So last Wednesday our chief technician organised a trip to a nearby town (Liestal) and a walk to the Sissacher Flue. What’s a flue I hear you scream? Well, that’s a good question because, with not being a native speaker I was stumped for a while as well. It turned out my German speaking colleagues were no wiser. I got explanations as to how a flue is a waterfall, a type of rock and a meadow. It turns out to be a big cliff. That’s the German lesson for today:

Flue = cliff

And the flue gives you a great view over the valleys nearby and on a good day the Alps on the distant horizon. We then stopped at a farm called Alpbad on the way down from the cliff for lunch and then home via Sissach train station. All in all, a very good day and a chance to meet new people and see the Swiss countryside.

So good in fact that we did the same walk on Sunday when my parents came to visit. Here are a few great photos of the work day out from my colleague Damir Perisa:



One response to “Bonding at work, or working at bonding?

  1. Wow, did you and Swisscoffee plan a trip together, or did it just happen that way? I think they are going to Prague this weekend too! šŸ™‚ Have fun!

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