Center of everything…

Switzerland and Basel in particular has a lot going for it. Besides the 42-ish ways of melting cheese and eating it, the hundreds of hand made chocolate varieties, the superb train network and the Alps, it’s geographical location is ideal.

Being right in the center of Europe with great trains and an airport, Basel offers tourists like me the perfect opportunity to have a look round. Basel is a European hub for Easyjet and so the range of destinations from this (small) airport is quite impressive. Being in the center of Europe means everywhere is within reach. Here are the routes currently offered by Easyjet:


This weekend we’re going to avail of the route to Prague to celebrate our fifth anniversary. Initially it was a secret trip planned by Eva and I badgered her for a few days as to where we were going. She held firm and all I knew was that it required Friday afternoon off work. In the end however, due to pressure at work and having no time to arrange accomodation she broke the silence and let me in on the secret.

I couldn’t be happier. Prague is a city I’ve been meaning to visit for a long time and have heard very good things about. We booked a penzion (like a B&/hostel place) in the city and we’ve got the guide book and everything is in place for a great weekend. So, if anyone has any tips or ideas of things to do in Prague drop it in the comments and I’ll toast your good health while having a Czech beer in your honour.


3 responses to “Center of everything…

  1. Go to my blog and check out my post from Friday, October 27, 2006. There’s a link to a restaurant that I would HIGHLY recommend. The concierge at our hotel recommended it, and the food and beer turned out to be GREAT! My mom, Mrs. TBF, and I all loved it.
    If you click on the link in the post, I’m pretty sure we went to the one that is the first link on the left (it’s kind of hard to figure out the names of the streets), but I’m sure the other locations are good too. It wasn’t very expensive (especially in comparison to Switzerland), and the atmosphere was lively with people sharing tables.

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