Swiss runnings.


I haven’t managed to get the photos from Prague uploaded yet. Life and work have been getting in the way. I also went running last night for the first time in a few weeks. Needless to say I had to take a breather when I got home and was in no mood to start organising digital pics.

My return to running was inspired by this post from Colm on the In Fact Ah blog (home of the legendary Biscuit Tin Series). The funny thing is, with the weather so nice at the moment, I find running quite enjoyable. It does however take motivation and a willingness to remove oneself from the couch. Two things I haven’t got much of at the moment. One thing that helps is when there is a gadget or technology involved. Then there’s a reason to go out there and run yourself into the ground.
And so the website Colm mentions in his post, MapMyRun was my reason for going out and its well worth a look. It essentially allows you to draw your route on Google maps and then calculates the distance, height elevation and other random information on your run. Of course, if I had my way and a few hundred Swiss Francs lying around I’d fork out for the Nike+ kit. But MapMyRun will do for the moment.

So I threw on the runners and a fancy new dryflow jersey I purchased a while back and headed off for the run with the Laufbewegung. You may have read about my last experiences with the club but now I know the routine and always stick close to Toby, the guy who takes the medium pace group. But last night Toby stopped us mid run and got us to do Slalom running. This is where you all walk at a constant pace in single file with about two metres between you and the person in front. The runner at the back of the line sprints/weaves their way to the top of the line. The next person follows etc. Its a nice way of sprinting and then recovering as you walk along before your turn comes again.

So I got home and got the laptop out ready to put in my stats for the run, only to realise that the country paths and farmland we run through isn’t on the map. So I had to guess-timate! But I figured we ran for about 45 minutes at about 7 min/km pace and so we must have covered about 6.5 km give or take. Not bad. I’m going to start a log on the MapMyRun page and see how it goes!


2 responses to “Swiss runnings.

  1. If you like the Nike+ system, you should really check out

    hope to see you there…

  2. How funny we are on the same wave length!

    45 mins though… not up to you yet, i’m happy with my 20 mins for now!

    *goes to make her page*

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