My, that’s a big elf…


Rant over, here’s a few photos from the Messe Platz, the large square, around which Art Basel is based. I couldn’t take pictures inside in case the three planks were damaged by the camera flash or something like that.


You’ll never guess who/what this is. I thought it was an elf with a big ice-cream. However, the piece was entitled “Santa Claus with a Butt Plug!” Enough said.


This however was pretty cool. It’s a cement mixer on the back of a lorry made out of wrought iron. Not sure what its meant to achieve but being a fan of airfix models, this was very impressive!


Another installation. This time a battered bus that was entitled “The melon house” I think. There was always a queue waiting to get inside and we decided it wasn’t worth the wait!


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