Prague Part One – Where are the curtains?


With a relaxing weekend rapidly coming to a close, I thought it was time to crack out the photos from our trip to Prague last weekend and let you see what we got up to. Then I realised we’d taken 330 digital photos and a roll and a half of film photos! Slightly trigger happy with the old camera! So to save you the bother, I’m going to cut it down drastically and show you the highlights. I’ll post the rest of the photos somewhere else and if you have the strength of will, you can look through them.

To ease you in gently I’ll start with our accommodation. This had to be seen to be believed! We had planned to do Prague on a shoestring as we’ve a few more trips planned and the finances will be stretched. So we booked a penzion (hostel) close to the city centre and from the photos on the web, one that looked comfortable and well kitted out. Turns out the photos didn’t really tell the whole story!

The hostel was located directly beneath a motorway fly-over! Not just any flyover, this was a very impressive bridge that also housed the underground train. But it was so high up, we figured it wouldn’t make a difference.


We cautiously went in to meet the very nice Czech man behind the desk and he directed us to a room on the third floor. Great stuff, so up we went and into the room. My first impression was pretty good, nice big sky lights in the ceiling, a good sized bed and wardrobe. Then it hit us. There were no curtains on the windows! And above us was a concrete sky!

Not good, but not all bad. We’ll be so tired after wandering round the city it won’t matter, a train could run through the room and I’ll sleep, I thought. Then I heard the train and I thought I’d gone crazy because it sounded awful close to the room! A quick look out the window confirmed my fears.


There was a train track running right behind the hostel and there were trains every ten minutes or so flying past. Ah bugger. This is not good, but you know what, did we complain, did we want to inconvenience the hostel guy to ask for a different room, for curtains or anything else? Nope. We went down to set him straight, he gave us a free map of Prague and some advice, we thanked him graciously and walked straight out the door!

But the moral of the story, at least the one I’m telling myself is the following. I’ve stayed in plenty of fancy hotels around the world. I can remember two or three of them because fundamentally they’re identical. There was one in America I stayed in that had a stock of board games behind the reception desk that you could borrow and to a twelve year old boy, that was quite memorable. But apart from that they all kinda blur into each other.

I will never forget the hostel or our trip in Prague. That’s got to say something!



One response to “Prague Part One – Where are the curtains?

  1. Here you are! So when did you move blogs?

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