Big spenders…

The one thing I noticed about Prague, apart from the beautiful buildings, the great food, the even better beer, the friendly people, the hundreds of guided tours, the music concerts, the museums…apart from all that, the price of everything raised an eyebrow. It was cheap compared to here in Basel. In some of the touristy/stag bar areas there were beers advertised for 22 Czech Koruna (~ €1, $1.2)! Thats not a lot!

When I moved to Switzerland I was warned by everyone, including people who’d never been to Switzerland that it was expensive here. Switzerland has always had this stereotype of a high standard of living and expensive products. And it’s true but I’m not sure its any worse than Dublin or London or Paris. The advantage of living in Basel is that you can nip across the borders to get cheaper prices on things. Germany is the place to go for cheap meat, France for cheap wine etc. So, you can still live frugally in Switzerland, just don’t go out eating fondue every night.

Recently a survey was carried out listing the most expensive cities for English expats to live in. I found it a very interesting read as Moscow came out on top. I’d never have guessed Moscow. Here are the top twenty:


The rest of the results can be found here. So Switzerland comes in at 7 and 9 with Geneva and Zurich respectively. Japan and Russia also have two cities in the top twenty. Interestingly only one American city makes the top twenty and due to the weak dollar only two make the top fifty, Los Angeles comes in at 49.

So I guess it’s true! Switzerland is expensive and that plan to move to Moscow has been scrapped. The Russia Job just doesn’t have the same ring to it!


3 responses to “Big spenders…

  1. I once spent 144 000 RUB (€35) on a meal for two in a very fancy restaurant in Moscow. I spent a half an hour counting out the money. The suit and his missus at the next table were short for their meal and after several recounts the KGB took them away to Siberia to work off the difference.

    Tell us about the guns in Switzerland. Doesn’t everybody carry guns? And how come they don’t kill each other?

  2. Dublin is on there, thats no surprise with the 6 euro sandwiches they have up there. London at #2 is another no brainer, i remember a thing about the tube there costing more per mile than the concorde

    Seoul is kind of surprising though, though I never spent any time there the drinks and stuff from vending machines and lil shops were a lot cheaper at the airport than they would be at european airports.

  3. I’m surprised Hong King isn’t much higher.

    And as for Moscow… What a fucking dump. Unbelievable that it’s this expensive. Pffffft.

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