Me man…me cook with fire…meeeeaat

It’s the season,

Time to give the elongated tongs a quick scrub, dig out the half a bag of charcoal from the back of the shed, get the pork chops marinating and then spend frigging ages trying to get the damn BBQ to light.

I jest. But last night we had our first BBQ of the season and it was a thoroughly enjoyable affair all round. A colleague of mine invited us round to her garden/allotment for a get together with the work mates and we had a bit of food, a few beers and soaked up the sun. I was playing squash and so arrived a little later than everyone else which meant I missed out on the actual cooking of the meat. Which is just as well.

There’s a long history of BBQing in my family. We have family photos of me in a “chefs apron” and hat thats five sizes too big for me with tongs and a silly grin on my face. My Mum loves to get the neighbours round, we put a load of meat on the BBQ and general merriment is had by all. So, I’ve had a while (~18 years) to practise and get my grilling technique honed. I’ve also had the odd disaster.

One occasion jumps to mind where, at a friends house in Sheffield, we couldn’t get the BBQ going. Being three blokes (and ignoring the sound and sagely advice of the only woman present), and having all that raw uncooked meat beckoning from the plate, we decided to speed things up a little. Out came the petrol from the shed and “just a drop” was put on “to help it along”. The thing went up like Mount Vesuvius and my friend lost most of the hairs on one arm. Worringly, we’d had only one beer each at this stage and all three of us now have doctorates. I think that explains a lot.

But, I’m looking forward to this BBQ season. The Golden Shrimp and I have purchased a little BBQ for the balcony (although I’d had my eye on one with a built in iPod dock and speaker system, but these were surplus to requirements!) and plan to test drive it this weekend. Fingers crossed it works out and we don’t burn down/smoke out the neighbours upstairs!

Let me know some of your disaster stories with the BBQ? Or is it just me..?


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